Fashionable and Geeky

Ok, so this is what I was going to post last Friday…however, I went out with some friends (I’m still learning blog time management),  and I caught a stomach bug that’s being passed around at work so I have no energy to create a new entry.

I had an idea years ago to start a geek fashion blog, which never came to fruition…I love being a geek, however, I have heard people say I don’t dress like a geek, when I asked what they thought I should dress like the answers ranged from; sweats to video game/sci fi shirts (which, I would have more but had to sell most of my clothes when I moved), I was once on a panel about this topic…so here we go!  Kicking off with

I have this bag (I hate the word purse…don’t ask me why, it’s just a word I don’t like), my Beatles bag.  it’s been with me for years and…sadly it’s falling apart, so I’m on a vigilant search for a new bag, recently Michael won an Iron man prize pack…so I have an Iron Man bag, but THIS chunk of awesome is LOVE!

One of my all time favorite book series, radio shows, television series, movies is Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

So, I feel like I’m one of the few lovers of the ninth incarnation of The Doctor, don’t get me wrong, 10 and 11 are great…but 9 is my favorite (I remember 4 from childhood and my dad watching re-runs of the series)…and I actually loved the Bad Wolf story arch (Rose was not my absolute favorite companion, but the Bad Wolf arch was good).  Needless to say, LOVE THIS!!


Ok, this may not be “entirely” geeky.  but I have this little…grunge…alt…punk…whatever side that still kicks on and this triggered that.  Now, if anyone has $150 NZD  I will wear this everywhere…however, for that same amount I could buy myself a sewing machine…
Right, I’m off for now.  more on Wednesday!


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