Geeky post: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.



Ok, to save from posting any spoilers to facebook…I’m putting my opinions on the blog (plus, I really need to get better at blogging…lots going on!), so if you haven’t seen it, I’m not spoiling










Okay, so I was up early to watch Doctor Who here in NZ.  Can I mention, it is bloody awesome that for once I was watching Doctor Who at the same time as everyone else (it doesn’t usually air here until a week later).  Anyway, I was super excited for today!

First off, yay!  my theories on John Hurt were correct…I feel so smart.  Anyway, as I’ve learned since hopping aboard this fandom…people either love or hate Moffat.

Before I get to my stance on that, I’ll talk about what I liked!

I loved the interactions between Tennant and Smith as well as John Hurt rolling his eyes at their antics.

And OMG they worked in the Bad Wolf story arch!  I LOVED that arch!  I was wondering how “Rose” was going to effectively be there, but that was a clever way of doing it.

When they save Gallifrey with all the doctors and all the TARDIS’s from each Doctor, I got a bit of giddyness at the shot of Peter Capaldi’s eyes as well as him saying “13”.  Yes, I’m sad to see Matt Smith go, but I am also excited to see Peter Capaldi step in.

Also, OMG!  Tom Baker as the curator, that made the ending awesome!  I also loved the end shot with all the regenerations standing and looking to Gallifrey.


Moving on,  things I wasn’t keen on.

Much as I liked HOW Gallifrey was saved…I’m not so keen on the changing history.

But…it’s Moffat.


I’m sure I’ll get sonic screwdrivers thrown at me for saying this, but I really find Moffat to be an egomaniac.  His writing is fine, but as a showrunner…I find him to be a bit of a dick.

With the saving of Gallifrey, it feels like he’s taking a crap on Davies work…which some might argue is a good thing (I like Davies…I didn’t care for the romantic shite he put between the Doctor and Rose, but overall I liked his stuff), I don’t.  I actually thought the time war and the resulting catastrophe, really gave definition and shape to The Doctor.  And perhaps, as someone who experienced a devastating loss…well, maybe I found the Doctor a bit relatable in that sense.  I dunno’ I’m waxing a bit psychological there.

Point being, I think the Doctor’s strife and such was just nulled out.  Wheee! happy times now! (however, when the time lords did come back…they were kind of arseholes!)  Seems a bit…of a cop out.  I guess it explains some plot devices and all, but I’m still a bit meh about it.


And I’m sorry….I really don’t like Clara.  She is too..perfect and it makes her remarkably…annoying.  Also, her doe-y eyed face at The Doctor bugs me.  I don’t like the romantic crap with companions and The Doctor, it’s unnecessary…I enjoyed Bad Wolf Rose, but not OMGILOVEYOU Rose.  Martha, was too one dimensional in her “love” of the Doctor.  Donna, I loved.  Amy, I loved (I may be biased there), but almost didn’t when she was all “I don’t know about marriage, I want you Doctor”…which is why I liked Rory as well.  Clara just irks me.


Anyway, overall.  I enjoyed it and feel a bit special I got to watch history.


Geek Rant: Double Standards

ImageI realize it’s been awhile…let’s just move past that, it’ll be best for us in this blogging relationship (note: I will really try to update more)

So, yesterday was the grand unveiling of the 12th Doctor…in Whovian world, this is a big deal.  And I was…


Not by the actor who was chosen to play the 12th Doctor..I think Peter Capaldi is a great choice!  I loved him in The Thick Of It and can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to the TARDIS.  So, what had me disappointed?

The reaction from female fans.

I was considerably disgusted by my gender yesterday, continuing on into today.

Arguments I’ve heard:

“Whaaa!  He’s too old to be the Doctor!!!” (note: I thought he still looks young for 900+ years old)

“I don’t like him!  Isn’t the Doctor, like, supposed to be hot??”

“He’s old and uuuuuugggglllly!!!”

Um, seriously ladies?




Are you absolultely serious?  I understand it’s difficult to let go of who you adored as the Doctor for so long, I had a hard time when Eccleston left and Tennant came in…in fact, I didn’t like Tennant at first (OMG! Blasphemy!!!), but I eventually grew to like him, when he left and Matt Smith took over the role, it took a long time for him to grow on me.  So, I get that…but saying the new guy isn’t “hot enough” or “young enough”…GET OUT OF MY FANDOM!! (I actually said this at work…made one of the therapists laugh)

Are you really so superficial??  There’s far too many good reasons to watch Doctor Who, rather than this vapid excuse.

Thing is, I hear this double standard often…girls can objectify all they like, but guys not so much.

I like to think I’m a bit feminist, but when it comes down to it I’m an “equalist”.

You hear it all too often, girls get angry at guys when they watch a show for an attractive actress, say a pop star is hot, or a woman in a movie is pretty.

“That’s the only reason he watches the show! God!”

“You don’t even like her music!  Just her tits/ass/skimpy costumes!”

“Ug…he couldn’t stop drooling over [insert movie starlet name here] the entire movie, it was so disgusting.”

yet GIRLS ARE JUST AS BAD!!!  In fact I hear similar from females more often than males now.  What other excuse is there for Twilight? (note: if you enjoy twilight…trust me, this is not a blog you’ll enjoy.) for that matter, boy bands (admittedly, my favorite band…The Beatles, technically started off as a boy band, but they EVOLVED.  When I started listening to them their looks were not on my mind, I just liked the music)

So, now…this has invaded the Whoniverse.  I will admit, I only just got into the series with the reboot (however, I do remember watching Tom Baker episodes with my dad as a kid), so I get accused of not being a real fan…this isn’t to say I don’t plan on going back and watching the old episodes, I do!  Anyway, in seeing the “OMG the new doctor isn’t hot” arguments, I was flat out….




I still am actually.  I understand, change is hard.  I really do.  However, you are watching a show where the main character REGENERATES into something new, change is inevitable. If the only reason you are watching the show is for his looks, bugger off.  The show is well written…even Moffatt’s episodes (ok, no…I’m not a huge Moffatt fan…but I can give him some credit 😉 ).  I much more understand the disappointment by some that the doctor isn’t female, that had been a rumor for awhile and it would’ve been an interesting change.

I do hope with the change in the Doctor’s age, it’ll put a kebash on the Doctor/companion romance hints…and maybe I’ll actually LIKE Clara (side note: nope, not keen on the new companion, sorry, just don’t care for her at the mo).

Fashionable and Geeky

Ok, so this is what I was going to post last Friday…however, I went out with some friends (I’m still learning blog time management),  and I caught a stomach bug that’s being passed around at work so I have no energy to create a new entry.

I had an idea years ago to start a geek fashion blog, which never came to fruition…I love being a geek, however, I have heard people say I don’t dress like a geek, when I asked what they thought I should dress like the answers ranged from; sweats to video game/sci fi shirts (which, I would have more but had to sell most of my clothes when I moved), I was once on a panel about this topic…so here we go!  Kicking off with

I have this bag (I hate the word purse…don’t ask me why, it’s just a word I don’t like), my Beatles bag.  it’s been with me for years and…sadly it’s falling apart, so I’m on a vigilant search for a new bag, recently Michael won an Iron man prize pack…so I have an Iron Man bag, but THIS chunk of awesome is LOVE!

One of my all time favorite book series, radio shows, television series, movies is Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

So, I feel like I’m one of the few lovers of the ninth incarnation of The Doctor, don’t get me wrong, 10 and 11 are great…but 9 is my favorite (I remember 4 from childhood and my dad watching re-runs of the series)…and I actually loved the Bad Wolf story arch (Rose was not my absolute favorite companion, but the Bad Wolf arch was good).  Needless to say, LOVE THIS!!


Ok, this may not be “entirely” geeky.  but I have this little…grunge…alt…punk…whatever side that still kicks on and this triggered that.  Now, if anyone has $150 NZD  I will wear this everywhere…however, for that same amount I could buy myself a sewing machine…
Right, I’m off for now.  more on Wednesday!

what’s in your head, in your heeeeaad…zombie, zombie, zombie-e-e-e-oh

Right, first off…I dream…a lot…sometimes average, but most of the time I’m thinking “wtf was that all about?” then shortly followed by “I need to draw that!”  So, here’s a start on that topic.

Zombie invasion OMG!

This is Thriller!

This is Thriller!

Starting off with a bang,  I should note…I have never seen an episode of Walking Dead, I played the video game (side note: this dream happened BEFORE I started playing the game), and briefly paged through a comic in a shop…yet, given pop culture, I know the premises.  This dream was, in theory, a Walking Dead world…but came out more Shaun of the Dead.

It started off as most zombie things do, in an old house.  All the guys in the dream went out to fight zombies, leaving me and 2 other girls to defend the house.


I distinctly remember sending my boyfriend out with a cricket bat

gothy, stripey and me

gothy, stripey and me

Right, so me and 2 girls I’ve never met before are sitting around this old house, watching tv. and listening to the horror outside…you know, because the perfect thing to do in a zombie invasion is watch tv.  I start wondering about the guys. As with all things zombie, eventually it comes to pass that they are going to reach the house…so, we go to our cubby holes (apparently, daycare centres are placed in creepy old houses in my dreams) to get our supplies to leave the house.  So, I pack my bag and run for the door…only to realize, the other girls have already bolted.  Bitches!

(side note:  If you’re wondering what happened to our male zombie fighters….I have no bloody clue!  This was not covered in dream world)

Alright, so..nightblindness?  I has it.  I open the door (apparently playing video games has taught me nothing) and all I can see is grey blobs on a black background…even when I squint and obviously some of those grey blobs are grey zombie blobs, one could be my boyfriend, remember who I sent out with only a cricket bat (side note:  when I told him about this, his response was to hold his fingers up in a “W” and mouthed Winchester…I think he’ll be ok if there is ever a zombie invasion)..of course my eyesight is shite and I can’t distinguish anything (oh..and guess who didn’t have her glasses on her during the zombie invasion?).

I go back inside and have a minor panic (ok…major panic), and of course a zombie manages to break in.  I grab my survival pack, leap out a window and make a run for this random paradise we all knew about that in theory the zombies can’t get to (note: why we didn’t just all run there in the first place, I don’t know)

this is how I'm going to run on the treadmill from now on

this is how I’m going to run on the treadmill from now on

So, I run like a graceful gazelle of some sort (which is hilarious considering my asthmatic, gimpy arse)..and come upon a  pasture with horses…and somehow I magically know all about horses.  However, they aren’t normal horses…they’re….

probably the creepiest thing I've drawn

probably the creepiest thing I’ve drawn

you guessed it…zombie horses.  great.

Here’s where I’m convinced my brain and my kidneys are working together to fuck with me…

I don’t know why my brain and kidney talk like bros

I need a horse to ride, and the zombie horses are trainable…however, the only way to tame one is…


Apparently there’s no other way to tame it…

Just as the outlook seems bleak and like I’m going to have to stop arguing my subconcious and take a bite….my kidneys seemed to gain a bit of reality

I wake up a bit shocked…needing to void beer from my system and wondering “WTF??”

oddly, not the first time I've said this

oddly, not the first time I’ve said this

conclusion?  My subconcious is a prick.

Scottish Rage: Geek elitism

image from google, used by various sites including geekgirlproblems

So, I had hoped to have some more art up….but not so much (Friday, I swear!).  Anyway, something that’s been on my mind for awhile…as in a couple years.

So, I fully embrace being a geek.  Since I was young, I remember watching episodes of Star Trek (Original and TNG), Star Wars, Doctor Who and Ghostbusters with my Dad…also, avidly watching him play Atari (ok, yeah…that dates me a bit..shutup).  Aside from the shows and movies I loved as a developing geek girl, I developed an interest in science, arts and history.  I loved all these things…however, once kids started realizing what was “cool” I was told what I liked was unacceptable.

As an adult, I found many more people who were like me and enjoyed all those things…and even found my stories of hiding spiderman comics in Seventeen magazines when I was briefly accepted into the popular crowd (moving to a new town, nobody really knows much about you seems to make you cool) entertaining.

Geekdom has become more mainstream, it’s no longer a negative thing necessarily.   Mostly.

With the popularity, or acceptance…it almost seems like the geek community has turned on itself.  This is something I’ve seen in person, online, at Cons, etc.

Geekier than thou

There seem to be pockets of people with more geek cred than anyone else.  As such, they snub anyone not as “geeky” as them…how is this any better than the people who snubbed us for being geeks?  I find it just as annoying personally.  Part of me has to wonder though, when most of us adult geeks were young…it wasn’t socially acceptable to be who we are, people were ridiculed, beat up and snubbed.  Are we just acting out a sort of vengence now that we’re in a position to?  Doesn’t make it right, does it?  

New Geeks

So, ok…when someone gets into this nerdy thing (that you’ve known about FOR-EV-ER), they get excited,  vocal, perhaps like you were when you first discovered that same thing years ago.  Rather than sharing in the excitement, there are eyerolls and “hipster geek” attitudes (ex: “Man, I was so into that like 5 years ago when it wasn’t cool”)…hell, I can even admit I’ve been guilty of this before, am I proud of it? no.  Do I roll my eyes at myself for that behavior? yes.  Why not, instead of being a snob (and yeah, I realize this all kinda’ ties into the Geekier than Thou rant)..we share that excitement.  I mean, someone loves something you do, share the love!

Cute Geek Girls

Oh man, I have been ranting on this for awhile now.  So, with the fact being a geek is more acceptable..a bit more mainstream…more people are coming out geeks.  Hell, some of these people are, dare I say it, “hot”.  I get that people feel their territory is being tread on…however, stop and think for a minute;  The girl who is now at a Con, in a catwoman costume, may have years ago been the awkward girl in braces.  Just sayin’, people can change as the years go on.  But instead, they’re even made fun of…”pfft..she can’t possible know anything about Doctor Who, she looks like she moisturizes 3 times a day” “She’s trying too hard in that Laura Croft costume, she probably has never played Tomb Raider”

Shite, this actually affected me personally before.  During a conversation at a Con, we were discussing bullying and someone actually said

“you wouldn’t know what it was like for us, you’re too pretty to understand”

Too. pretty. to. understand.

Let me e’splain something to you…No, I’m not horrible looking.  However, I fully admit I can be a bit awkward, I get socially anxious, I’ll sit back and observe people randomly…and when talking about school days, this was all times 10…add onto it that I had braces, I didn’t dress cool…I loved Jurassic Park…from age 8 – 14 I was bullied.  I was pushed onto the pavement, rocks kicked at my face, called more names than I’d like to recount, kids threw their food at me during lunch.  Eventually, the braces came off…I moved to a different town and had a reprieve for a year…I was still shoved into lockers, teased by the jocky kids, even called a lesbian (I’d like to think I at least would have good taste if I were….and also, quite lame that THAT was used in a negative connotation, all things considered) for most of highschool, but I also had a good base of friends from band and theatre to go to.

Trust me, I understand.

A good chunk of the time, no matter how a person looks there is more to them on the inside;  they’ve had their share of sadness, made their mistakes and had their triumphs.

Overall though,  being a geek has made me a stronger person and being a part of a few geek communities has been an even more awesome experience!  Holy hell, we are fun people!  and the rest of the world is seeing that!  I just recently saw Wil Wheaton’s “Why it’s awesome to be a nerd”  and I loved the quote “It’s not about what you love…it’s about how you love it”.  We all came together because of the things we love.  just keep that in mind.  cheers!

Ps.  for listening to my rants, I will try to have some minor goodies up tomorrow…but a full thing of awesome Friday (that’s NZ Friday)!