State of Being a drama geek

Alright, due to drama class starting back up this week….I don’t have a lot to say on the topic of me…well, I do…but it’s not planned or thought out, so here goes;

So, this is me yesterday after the first drama class of the term, just finished up my student notes, waiting for job training we go through every 2 weeks and listening to Florence and the Machine.

Photo on 2013-05-14 at 14.23 #2You might not be able to tell, but I’m ridiculously happy here and feeling like a celebrity haha!  Mind you, I’m also a bit tired and sucking down a lolly for my throat after using my voice a lot in the span of a half hour.  For those who just started following my blog via wordpress (first of all;  thank you!!!  I hope to occassionally post something entertaining..), I started up a drama program for the school I work in, it’s a program for special needs students.  I’m actually working toward becoming a drama therapist.

I went to school for drama, I love performing!  I also love working with special needs kids (sadly, I’m not sure I can post photos of the students or not, but I can do selfies in the breakroom), so combining the two has been the best opportunity and such.  Word got out last year that I went to school for drama, that before I moved I taught drama to kids and was an active performer…next thing I knew after helping out all day at the junior production, I was approached by the principal of the school to see if I’d be interested in starting up a program for the kids.

I will say this, it is the MOST fun thing I’ve ever done!  Last term we had 8 students, we jumped up to 12…which may not seem like A LOT, but it definitely made a difference AND…after the intro class, they all want to come back!  We are working towards a big festival in October!  What’s cool is to see the enthusiasm at doing this, and seeing the students from the first run of the program retaining what I taught last term AND helping new students.

So, yeah…not a ton of insightfulness but a general update, I’ll probably have some kind of weekly update about life in general, but wow…nothing beats showing up at the school and having a group of about 5-7 students run to the gate to greet you and ask what time class is! (also a bit of background, I’m only at our base school once a week…I work in a satellite school with a class as a teacher aide)

hoping to have a comic up Friday or Saturday (depending on how much I can finish tomorrow night).  cheers!