this is why my feet hate me.
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This week’s blog is about….dance.  yep.  dance.

If you know me at all, you know I’m a proud little Scot.  I joke about the fact we always had Scottish dogs in the house (Cairn Terriers to be exact…best breed ever!) and that my parents put me through golf lessons when I was young just to prove we were Scots.  The only other sport I played was football (actual football…not FOO’BO! aka American Football).  I literally wear my pride on my sleeve

I did say literally didn’t I?

One of my favorite ways to show that pride, that I was unable to do for almost 3 years after a bad knee injury is dance.  I’ve done most forms of Scottish dance.  What does that mean?  Well firstly, my joints are shite….But I help that with glucosamine and such (no really, it does help a tad), I have tendonitis in both feet from dancing on the balls of my feet constantly, I have a hard time fitting into skinny jeans because I gots thigh muscles yo (I’ll stop with the faux homie language someday).  Does that mean I’ll stop?  Probably not.  I LOVE IT!  All forms

I love Step dancing for the footwork and solo work.

I love Highland for the precision.

I love Royal Scottish Country Dance for the patterns the dances make.

I love Ceilidh dancing because it encompasses all dancers beginner to experienced to the random person who decided to unknowingly see what was happening and got pulled in.

I’ve danced at festivals, faires, various events.


obviously not me…but loved the image nonetheless. Found on google image




So, why post now?

I’ve been in New Zealand for 2 years….Before that, I had a major break from all Scottish dance forms due to the knee accident (I did try and OMG too much pain for a long time), what they don’t tell you when moving here is you are on an island.  Granted, it’s a colonized industrial Island…but still, a set of two islands.  No matter where you are moving from, there is disconnect.

Now, I’m shy and a bit of an introvert…so making friends is hard.  keeping myself from going insane is even more difficult.

I’ve recently been attending the local RSCDS as it’s roughly a minute away and I needed to get back to it.  I’m also practising step again…I don’t know why I waited so long to get back to it! Aside from the obvious when I was healing, but even after…I was good to start dancing again…and not to brag, but I was quite good before that.  When I am actively involved in Scottish dance, I’m much happier in general, I feel more confident and fun.

….I do have a bad habit of teaching students tullock turns…the only reason it’s bad is because then they want to do it all. the. time.

I also like the people I meet through it, it’s a common interest thing and nowhere else can you feel like a fashion goddess when you get a new pair of dance shoes (no really, I purchased new AWESOME ghillies…and when I came to class with them it was a “Show them off!” “Let’s see!” “How do they dance?”).

I was having a think on all this last night (nearly missed my part in a set by accident as a result…oops).  I’m better when I’m dancing, sure…I’ve gotten some injuries, some ankle sprains, shin splints, had to tape my arches after a rather rigorous day of performing just so I could walk the next day…but I always feel like I’m better when I’m dancing (despite silly dramas with other dancers…face it, they happen).

When I was originally getting into burlesque….I had planned on dressing my step/highland dance skills up to fit the stage and THAT being my thing.

I got a bit distracted by glitter and nostalgia.  Which is odd…I slightly loathe glitter.

I never did bring my real persona to the stage.  That may be where some of my bitterness started.  I haven’t been formally trained in many other forms of dance…just the random stuff I learned through drama.

I’ve taken a looooong break from being on stage.  I’m hoping to end that break soon, I’m currently re-working everything I ever thought on the Cabaret scene and how I want to be a part.  Thanks to the Kongos “Come With Me Now” I have some inspiration to start working on…Hopefully I’ll be performing at more festivals here again and bringing a fling or two to the stage again.


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