“Adults don’t get ear infections”

So, this marks a new turn for A Shot of Scotch.  One in which, I actually update.  I think I was trying too hard to be entertaining and sometimes…my life isn’t a never ending storm of comics, insightfulness and crazy.  sometimes life is just trying to beat a level in Katamari while meds kick in.  So, I’m going to start updating once a week with whatever the hell is going on…people seem to be interested in life in NZ, so let’s give the people what they want…and if I happen to come up with something funny, a comic or insightful..yay.


moving right along….”Adults don’t get ear infections” (if you know me at all…you know this is crazy talk!)



the face of happy…this is what a multiple trips to the doc and no sleep for 3 days looks like..oh and ear drops, that’s what they look like too.

That is what a doctor told me last year when, as usual, my left ear was hurting and itchy and draining last year.  She didn’t really look at my ears, just told me “Adults don’t get ear infections…you’d have to be REALLY sick to even get one.  it’s just your allergies and your ears equalizing pressure”  she prescribed me an antihistamine I could get at any store and sent me, confusedly, on my way…in pain.

going back to childhood for a mo…

you know those hearing tests they do in primary school?  yeah…I failed.  I didn’t know you could fail, but well…let’s just say, it took me ages to hear any beeps or clicks in my left ear.  I had to see a specialist, they put me in a dark box of a room and gave me a toy bunny so I wouldn’t be scared.  Needless to say, it was discovered I have partial hearing loss.  which means, if you are talking to me on my left side, it may be a bit muddled.  if it’s in a loud room/bar/club…I cannot hear you.  Also…I have troubles telling if I am talking loud enough (which causes me to talk too loud at times)

That ear infection….cleared up on it’s own with at home treatment…which is rare.  but has happened before.  it was lucky.


But I was pissed!  I wasted money to see a doctor who clearly….did not give a shite.


Fast forward….


About 2 weeks ago, my ear started giving me stabby pains (imagine an angry little gnome with a blade and something to prove…yeah, that’s what my ear felt like)…I went to dinner with my partner, wherein, I got a stabby pain…we picked up some stuff for ear pain at the chemist.  The next day, still a bit of pain and….I couldn’t hear very well. at all.  But, I was stubborn.  didn’t want to waste money..then, the day after I woke up to fluids.  I could hear fluid in my ear.  I think Michael practically forced a phone into my hand so I’d call the nurseline at least.  less than 5 mins later, I call my clinic…request a different doctor and am getting ready for an appointment an hour later.

My new doctor, I love her.  She actually listened to me, showed a lot of concern.  she checked one ear, fine.  then…the left.


it’s never good when your doctor makes this face…

yeah…not so good.  wheee! antibiotics and pain meds!

Last week…try as I might, I couldn’t make it in to more than 2 days of work because I was in immense pain and having bad spells of vertigo…so back I went, one time just to get a doctor’s note.


and then it got weird….infection was in my right ear.  and the left full out middle ear infection (severe)!  Sent home with more antibiotics and strong ear drops.

I’m still battling the angry little gnome who’s stabby stabby in both ears.


the lesson here?  I waited too long to see a doc the first time….after my bad experience, I was stubborn and I’m paying for it a wee bit (although, I have had bad infections like this before….but not in ages!).  That’s been life in a nutshell for the past two weeks.

Not the most amazing post ever, but like I said, I’ll update with whatever is on my mind from week to week….if something funny, artsy or whatever comes out of it.  w00t.


2 thoughts on ““Adults don’t get ear infections”

  1. Happy you are on the mend! I think to many patients have been in the same boat. I had sinus surgery in March because I was tired of doctors not listening to me (docs didn’t believe I had a sinus infection). In the end, as you discovered, we only hurt ourselves. Positive is you now have an awesome doctor! Yay!

    • It’s difficult when doc’s don’t listen, we know our bodies pretty well I would think so if someone goes in saying “something is wrong”, they should be taken seriously.

      I had a bad day for pain yesterday, today is starting off a bad vertigo day. But, oddly enough…it’s slowly getting better. 🙂

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