Geeky post: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.



Ok, to save from posting any spoilers to facebook…I’m putting my opinions on the blog (plus, I really need to get better at blogging…lots going on!), so if you haven’t seen it, I’m not spoiling










Okay, so I was up early to watch Doctor Who here in NZ.  Can I mention, it is bloody awesome that for once I was watching Doctor Who at the same time as everyone else (it doesn’t usually air here until a week later).  Anyway, I was super excited for today!

First off, yay!  my theories on John Hurt were correct…I feel so smart.  Anyway, as I’ve learned since hopping aboard this fandom…people either love or hate Moffat.

Before I get to my stance on that, I’ll talk about what I liked!

I loved the interactions between Tennant and Smith as well as John Hurt rolling his eyes at their antics.

And OMG they worked in the Bad Wolf story arch!  I LOVED that arch!  I was wondering how “Rose” was going to effectively be there, but that was a clever way of doing it.

When they save Gallifrey with all the doctors and all the TARDIS’s from each Doctor, I got a bit of giddyness at the shot of Peter Capaldi’s eyes as well as him saying “13”.  Yes, I’m sad to see Matt Smith go, but I am also excited to see Peter Capaldi step in.

Also, OMG!  Tom Baker as the curator, that made the ending awesome!  I also loved the end shot with all the regenerations standing and looking to Gallifrey.


Moving on,  things I wasn’t keen on.

Much as I liked HOW Gallifrey was saved…I’m not so keen on the changing history.

But…it’s Moffat.


I’m sure I’ll get sonic screwdrivers thrown at me for saying this, but I really find Moffat to be an egomaniac.  His writing is fine, but as a showrunner…I find him to be a bit of a dick.

With the saving of Gallifrey, it feels like he’s taking a crap on Davies work…which some might argue is a good thing (I like Davies…I didn’t care for the romantic shite he put between the Doctor and Rose, but overall I liked his stuff), I don’t.  I actually thought the time war and the resulting catastrophe, really gave definition and shape to The Doctor.  And perhaps, as someone who experienced a devastating loss…well, maybe I found the Doctor a bit relatable in that sense.  I dunno’ I’m waxing a bit psychological there.

Point being, I think the Doctor’s strife and such was just nulled out.  Wheee! happy times now! (however, when the time lords did come back…they were kind of arseholes!)  Seems a bit…of a cop out.  I guess it explains some plot devices and all, but I’m still a bit meh about it.


And I’m sorry….I really don’t like Clara.  She is too..perfect and it makes her remarkably…annoying.  Also, her doe-y eyed face at The Doctor bugs me.  I don’t like the romantic crap with companions and The Doctor, it’s unnecessary…I enjoyed Bad Wolf Rose, but not OMGILOVEYOU Rose.  Martha, was too one dimensional in her “love” of the Doctor.  Donna, I loved.  Amy, I loved (I may be biased there), but almost didn’t when she was all “I don’t know about marriage, I want you Doctor”…which is why I liked Rory as well.  Clara just irks me.


Anyway, overall.  I enjoyed it and feel a bit special I got to watch history.


2 thoughts on “Geeky post: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.

  1. I pretty much agree with what you’ve said. I did like the romance between the Doctor and River, but it doesn’t work normally.

    I do want to throw out a thought: the way they saved Gallifrey could still leave the the Doctors thinking they destroyed it right up to the point Smith’s Doctors present time. They went through all the personal guilt to become who they are, but know he also has the chance to go home as well. That saves Davis’ work and still have this episode fit

    And it was SO cool they brought the Doctor America first fell in love with for this anniversary.

    • I still am not so keen. Everyone wants a chance to re-write their histories sometimes, but we don’t get to. And, the Doctor also held to that…to me, it felt a bit cheap because of his previous attitudes in altering time/history.

      Overall, it was done well. It was a fantastic special…I’m excited for Christmas

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