Geek Rant: Double Standards

ImageI realize it’s been awhile…let’s just move past that, it’ll be best for us in this blogging relationship (note: I will really try to update more)

So, yesterday was the grand unveiling of the 12th Doctor…in Whovian world, this is a big deal.  And I was…


Not by the actor who was chosen to play the 12th Doctor..I think Peter Capaldi is a great choice!  I loved him in The Thick Of It and can’t wait to see what he’ll bring to the TARDIS.  So, what had me disappointed?

The reaction from female fans.

I was considerably disgusted by my gender yesterday, continuing on into today.

Arguments I’ve heard:

“Whaaa!  He’s too old to be the Doctor!!!” (note: I thought he still looks young for 900+ years old)

“I don’t like him!  Isn’t the Doctor, like, supposed to be hot??”

“He’s old and uuuuuugggglllly!!!”

Um, seriously ladies?




Are you absolultely serious?  I understand it’s difficult to let go of who you adored as the Doctor for so long, I had a hard time when Eccleston left and Tennant came in…in fact, I didn’t like Tennant at first (OMG! Blasphemy!!!), but I eventually grew to like him, when he left and Matt Smith took over the role, it took a long time for him to grow on me.  So, I get that…but saying the new guy isn’t “hot enough” or “young enough”…GET OUT OF MY FANDOM!! (I actually said this at work…made one of the therapists laugh)

Are you really so superficial??  There’s far too many good reasons to watch Doctor Who, rather than this vapid excuse.

Thing is, I hear this double standard often…girls can objectify all they like, but guys not so much.

I like to think I’m a bit feminist, but when it comes down to it I’m an “equalist”.

You hear it all too often, girls get angry at guys when they watch a show for an attractive actress, say a pop star is hot, or a woman in a movie is pretty.

“That’s the only reason he watches the show! God!”

“You don’t even like her music!  Just her tits/ass/skimpy costumes!”

“Ug…he couldn’t stop drooling over [insert movie starlet name here] the entire movie, it was so disgusting.”

yet GIRLS ARE JUST AS BAD!!!  In fact I hear similar from females more often than males now.  What other excuse is there for Twilight? (note: if you enjoy twilight…trust me, this is not a blog you’ll enjoy.) for that matter, boy bands (admittedly, my favorite band…The Beatles, technically started off as a boy band, but they EVOLVED.  When I started listening to them their looks were not on my mind, I just liked the music)

So, now…this has invaded the Whoniverse.  I will admit, I only just got into the series with the reboot (however, I do remember watching Tom Baker episodes with my dad as a kid), so I get accused of not being a real fan…this isn’t to say I don’t plan on going back and watching the old episodes, I do!  Anyway, in seeing the “OMG the new doctor isn’t hot” arguments, I was flat out….




I still am actually.  I understand, change is hard.  I really do.  However, you are watching a show where the main character REGENERATES into something new, change is inevitable. If the only reason you are watching the show is for his looks, bugger off.  The show is well written…even Moffatt’s episodes (ok, no…I’m not a huge Moffatt fan…but I can give him some credit 😉 ).  I much more understand the disappointment by some that the doctor isn’t female, that had been a rumor for awhile and it would’ve been an interesting change.

I do hope with the change in the Doctor’s age, it’ll put a kebash on the Doctor/companion romance hints…and maybe I’ll actually LIKE Clara (side note: nope, not keen on the new companion, sorry, just don’t care for her at the mo).


4 thoughts on “Geek Rant: Double Standards

  1. I’m so glad You’re back to blogging 🙂 I’ve missed you! And yes, I was thinking the EXACT same thing. Someone very close to me who shall remain nameless has been doing the same thing “I wish he was cuter…” stuff. BS. I DO NOT LIKE IT. I mean jeez, he’s got to be the doctor, he doesn’t have to be a super model.

    Also, I wish it were time for a new episode now. I am impatient.

    • I just think it’s so ridiculous! These are the same girls probably smacking their boyfriends up side the head for checking out a girl on the telly. I’ve had quite a few arguments on various fan sites (I’m Scottish..of course I’m going to argue 😉 ), and the “that’s different” excuse comes up. no, no it’s not.

      Overall, the superficiality of the argument pisses me off. I sincerely like to think these silly little things I like have fans similar to me, but in reality I know that’s not always true…but the flakes still piss me off!

      side note: people are now, knocking him for his role in The Thick of It due to how much he swears…amazingly enough, Tucker is a character…Capaldi was doing this crazy thing actors do called “acting”. insanity!

  2. Very Cool. I’m looking forward to seeing where he takes the Doctor (though I am hoping they resolve the Clara arc and move on to a new companion).

    The frequency of your posts isn’t nearly as important as the quality of them and you always knock it out of the park.

  3. I’m super keen to see what Capaldi does with the role, and I sincerely HOPE he gets to remain Scottish! (bit sad Tennant had to cover his accent for the role)

    Like I said, I hope with the older regeneration…that puts an absolute kebash to the awkward romantic tension between Clara and the Doctor. that bit of writing, didn’t care for. Not keen on her character as I think she’s a bit dull…so, maybe with the new regeneration we see a new companion or a better written Clara/

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