Longing to Belong…


Sorry to those following, reading, etc…no comic tonight.  I’ll try again tomorrow…

Extremely stressed right now trying to book a visit home to see family and so they can meet my boyfriend…do we go in September and save roughly $400 each or go in July and keep everyone happy?…either way, I’m feeling guilt…Mum said my dog is slowing down…I’m trying to convince myself he’s fine, he acts differently around me and her…but I’m absolutely having a fucking breakdown…

so, just letting people know why there’s nothing cool here on a Wed…well, I can leave you with this.  Not the best video editing the world has seen, but remember in my last entry, the breakdown I had last year before life got better?  I made this during that time to feel better and it does cheer me up slightly…albeit bittersweetly


sorry to sound like a downer, but just wanted to let people know I didn’t forget or slack off…the comic is scanned in, I just am a bit stressed and emotionally drained to work on it now (specifically as it relates to missing my dog…it’s funny…at least I think it is)


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