State of being 2.0


Alright, a new week and back to work for me (2 week holiday at the end of each school term).  Anyway, big reasons for starting this blog

  • be more creative
  • have a place to show some sketch work
  • have a place for rants, raves and other geeky stuff
  • have a place to update friends and family on life, the universe and everything from the southern hemisphere

So, today’s blog is just that…an update on life and me.  I don’t always say a ton on my facebook, at least I don’t think I do.  But I know there are some people curious about life in Auckland.

I’ll start things off with, what I think, is most important.

I am happy.

as in I go to bed happy, I wake up happy.

Which, I haven’t felt in years.  There may be people reading (I have no idea who’s reading or linking), who think it’s undeserved, but it didn’t come easy and I worked my tail off to become happy again.  I took a lot of time to assess what I needed to change in me to become a better person (there was a lot I didn’t like and it took over), apologized to the one person I needed to and realized I needed to move on after that.  Took awhile and I had to completely rebuild myself and my life.  It wasn’t an easy task, I nearly gave up and had a small break down, but I spent a night in sobbing over shite, then the next day, picked myself up…called a friend and went out to Rainbow’s End (amusement park) and screamed like a little girl on a wussy roller coaster (no, really…I don’t do rollercoasters well and it was one of the most HILARIOUS experiences of 2012…I think we entertained the girl running the ride).

Thing is, that day…as I’m running down Queen Street to meet up and figure out what bus to hop on, I got a call from the school asking me to come on full time for term 3 (I was doing relief work).  The next day I met Michael, innocent enough, we had a coffee…then decided to hit an arcade…and a movie.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted as far as a partner went, however, we were texting constantly and meeting up for a night on the town every weekend after, we even went whale watching (!!!)…I think I’ll keep him around for awhile 😉


I didn’t know what to expect when I packed up my bags last March and came to NZ.  I knew things wouldn’t be the same, but holy shite!  I’m on my second visa now, working harder than I have in a long time….and loving it!

I also love New Zealand…have I mentioned, this is pretty much what I see on my drive home from work each day?

image from

But yes, what people should know.  I am happy.  granted, currently I’m battling the worst allergies EVER (fuck, can I just trade my nose in for a new one?), but overall…life is good.  I’ll have an update each week on the various things I love here and all the fun personal growth and such.  Wednesday I’ll have more illustration and geekery, same with Friday!  cheers!


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