what’s in your head, in your heeeeaad…zombie, zombie, zombie-e-e-e-oh

Right, first off…I dream…a lot…sometimes average, but most of the time I’m thinking “wtf was that all about?” then shortly followed by “I need to draw that!”  So, here’s a start on that topic.

Zombie invasion OMG!

This is Thriller!

This is Thriller!

Starting off with a bang,  I should note…I have never seen an episode of Walking Dead, I played the video game (side note: this dream happened BEFORE I started playing the game), and briefly paged through a comic in a shop…yet, given pop culture, I know the premises.  This dream was, in theory, a Walking Dead world…but came out more Shaun of the Dead.

It started off as most zombie things do, in an old house.  All the guys in the dream went out to fight zombies, leaving me and 2 other girls to defend the house.


I distinctly remember sending my boyfriend out with a cricket bat

gothy, stripey and me

gothy, stripey and me

Right, so me and 2 girls I’ve never met before are sitting around this old house, watching tv. and listening to the horror outside…you know, because the perfect thing to do in a zombie invasion is watch tv.  I start wondering about the guys. As with all things zombie, eventually it comes to pass that they are going to reach the house…so, we go to our cubby holes (apparently, daycare centres are placed in creepy old houses in my dreams) to get our supplies to leave the house.  So, I pack my bag and run for the door…only to realize, the other girls have already bolted.  Bitches!

(side note:  If you’re wondering what happened to our male zombie fighters….I have no bloody clue!  This was not covered in dream world)

Alright, so..nightblindness?  I has it.  I open the door (apparently playing video games has taught me nothing) and all I can see is grey blobs on a black background…even when I squint and obviously some of those grey blobs are grey zombie blobs, one could be my boyfriend, remember who I sent out with only a cricket bat (side note:  when I told him about this, his response was to hold his fingers up in a “W” and mouthed Winchester…I think he’ll be ok if there is ever a zombie invasion)..of course my eyesight is shite and I can’t distinguish anything (oh..and guess who didn’t have her glasses on her during the zombie invasion?).

I go back inside and have a minor panic (ok…major panic), and of course a zombie manages to break in.  I grab my survival pack, leap out a window and make a run for this random paradise we all knew about that in theory the zombies can’t get to (note: why we didn’t just all run there in the first place, I don’t know)

this is how I'm going to run on the treadmill from now on

this is how I’m going to run on the treadmill from now on

So, I run like a graceful gazelle of some sort (which is hilarious considering my asthmatic, gimpy arse)..and come upon a  pasture with horses…and somehow I magically know all about horses.  However, they aren’t normal horses…they’re….

probably the creepiest thing I've drawn

probably the creepiest thing I’ve drawn

you guessed it…zombie horses.  great.

Here’s where I’m convinced my brain and my kidneys are working together to fuck with me…

I don’t know why my brain and kidney talk like bros

I need a horse to ride, and the zombie horses are trainable…however, the only way to tame one is…


Apparently there’s no other way to tame it…

Just as the outlook seems bleak and like I’m going to have to stop arguing my subconcious and take a bite….my kidneys seemed to gain a bit of reality

I wake up a bit shocked…needing to void beer from my system and wondering “WTF??”

oddly, not the first time I've said this

oddly, not the first time I’ve said this

conclusion?  My subconcious is a prick.


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