Have to start somewhere

this is what happens for about 2 hours before I actually draw...

this is what happens for about 2 hours before I actually draw…

Yay!  Obligatory intro post…first off, to get all the not so fun stuff out of the way;  I work hard on my illustrations, whether painted or not, they may not be DaVinci’s fine works, but I like my style so DO NOT TAKE!!  Unless otherwise stated, images belong to me.

Right, with that out of the way.  I can has blog?  A short while ago, I posted on facebook I’d be starting one and asked for ideas for titles “A Shot of Scotch” won out as it’s catch and well, me. (not an alcoholic, just Scottish…although the occasional shot is rewarding) However, do not be disappointed if your title isn’t the winning title…there were many good ones and I will be using them as future theme titles on entries (“The New Kiwi Times” “Scottish Rage” “A Fuller Life” and “There and Back Again” come to mind).

So, this is a fairly quick intro post to say, I have the blog up and running (and constantly being tweaked!)…I plan to post updates every Monday, Wed, and Friday if possible!  But life occasionally makes itself known.  Although, I do have a schedule for upcoming entries, that should help.  So, sit back and enjoy.  cheers!


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